Transformative Education

Every moment we can choose to live in a symbiotic relationship with the world around us. We can make real change happen when we Care for our Earth, Care for our People and Consider the next 7 generations through our actions, as we transition out of the consumptive mind towards a Symbiotic Nature.

Annaliese Hordern lives in the subtropical Sunshine Coast Hinterland escarpment of Maleny Queensland. She is a passionate educator in Permaculture, Ethnobotany and community development, committed to developing curriculum content that reaches out to people and inspires change. Utilising progressive and creative facilitation methods, she enjoys designing new leaning tools and mentoring her students towards their personal goals in sustainability, design and connecting them with the natural world that surrounds us.


A passionate meeting of Permaculture with Ethnobotanical connection

Symbiotic Nature’s transformative education weaves together a fusion of diverse Permaculture lineages which informs engaging educational content within a participatory and inclusive learning environment.

It offers educational immersions that reach out and speak directly to people already engaged and aware of the finite nature of our planet Earth. It seeks to upgrade and empower participants with the transition tools, life path and role needed to inspire other effective change makers in our world’s Future.


Permaculture is a ecological design science that utilises the natural life sustaining systems around us, such as water, wind and sun cycles, to create food, medicine, wild spaces and elevating social environments in our homes, landscape, in our communities and ways to provide exemplary environmental leadership for our planet.

It mimics the patterns found in nature to produce functionality and aesthetics that harmonise in a beneficial way with our surrounds.

Permaculture seeks to enhance productivity over time with intentional planning by first observing then interacting.

Discover how Permaculture can compliment and Revolutionise your Life Path


“Permaculture is not confined to gardening, or plant growing, it is a design system including the placement of all elements of a landscape and of the living system in the right relationship to each other”

Bill Mollison
Co Founder of Permaculture


Ethnobotany explores the relationships between people and plants – how plants are used for medicine, food, fibre, building and ritual.

Much of our plant knowledge comes from traditional cultural use and practices, however today with the resurgence interest in plant use, we discover a new wave contemporary plants uses as species and use ideas move across latitudes around our Earth.

We are alive today because of our ancestors knowledge and close observational relationship to plants that aided their livelihood and ability to survive and thrive, for us to live today.

Deepen your connection to plants and include a diverse variety of species in your diet and regenerative landscape designs.


Ethnobotanical knowledge encompasses both wild and domesticated species, and is rooted in observation, relationship, needs, and traditional ways of knowing. Such knowledge evolves over time, and is therefore always changing and adding new discoveries, ingenuity and methods.

Kat Harrison
Botanical Dimensions

Transformative ed

Rainbow Serpent, Lexton VIC
January 26 – 29
Presenting: Plants in Permaculture, panel: Regenerative Solutions for a Better World & Tour of Permaculture Gardens-Explore the Experimental – joined by Taj Siciluna. Australias world class electronic music festival with a Chill stage and Village program to die for. Tickets sold out, not so family friendly.


Earth Frequency, Peak Crossing, QLD
February 16-19th
Presenting: Plants in Permaculture & Permaculture Plants Deep Dive. One of Australia’s foremost transformational gatherings. Electronic and live music, with a strong focus on arts, education and sustainability. Highly recommended, family friendly.


Teacher Training for Permaculture Educators
March 24-31
Led by Robyn Francis and co-facilitated with Annaliese, this training for those interested in facilitating Permaculture education, wether looking to start out or refresh skills. We will develop your confidence and your tool kit.


Permapixie PDC, Geo Eco Farm, Silvan VIC
February – May – Saturdays
Led by Taj Siciluna (aka Permapixie), be prepared for a revolutionary shift to your life path. Sited amongst early experimental community development, this property hosts multiple animal systems. Expect creative facilitation that is fun, engaging and hands on offering real skills based learning.


Australian Permaculture Convergence, Canberra ACT.
April 15-19, 2018
APC14’s theme is Connectivity. Often remembered as a lifetime hilight, APC is a perfect way to meet other permie’s learn some new tips, tricks and share some as well. Commit publicly to your new Permaculture project and “jump” for it! Check out the edge events.


PDC Crystal Waters, Connondale, QLD
April 29 – May 11
Led by Max Lindegger (global EcoVillage Network) has a EcoVillage and community focus. It compliments as an additional PDC to those looking to develop their social sphere in Permaculture.
Annaliese leads 8 sessions including a tour of the Green Harvest gardens and provides insights from her residential stay at Crystal Waters in 2017.


PDC Permaculture College Australia, Nimbin NSW
Summer: January 12 – 26 & Winter: July 7 – 21
Led by Robyn Francis, a student, then longtime colleague and friend of Bill Mollison. Djanbung Gardens is designed for Permaculture education, demonstration and neighbours the Jalanbah Eco Hamlet.

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