Hi Annaliese,
I just wanted to say how much my friend and I enjoyed hearing you speak at the Mind, Body, Spirit Conference in Brisbane a few weeks ago. Your presentation was very engaging and informative. You spoke with such ease and confidence and were a wealth of knowledge on the various herbs. I learned so much from you. Thank you so much for being the delightful, happy person you are and for sharing your knowledge with us.

I also wanted to say that I would love to hear you speak again and hope that you will be presenting at the next MBS.
Thanks again and blessings on your future endeavours. You are amazing!

Kindest regards,
Therese Mulheran

Enjoyed hearing you speak

Annaliese was a great asset to the course, with not only an extensive knowledge base but the skills and personality to get the information across.The sessions taught by Annaliese encouraged creativity and celebrated individuality. The practical activities assisted my learning, and really helped the information sink in. Annaliese genuinely cared about each student, and never hesitated to put in extra time to explain the more difficult concepts. I would be very happy to attend other classes taught by Annaliese.

Tegan Clarke

Great asset to the course

I had the pleasure of being taught and guided by Annaliese at a recent Permaculture Design Course and I had never experienced such a connected, caring and passionate example of a teacher or facilitator in my 51 years on the planet! I found her to be absolutely present and supportive in my very challenging process of being back in the classroom/learning situation. I felt I may not of completed the course if not for her.

Jo Irwin

Absolutely present and supportive

It was to my great benefit to attend recently an intensive Permaculture Design Course at which Annaliese was a key presenter. Her skill and commitment as an educator was clearly apparent in her presentations which were clearly and effectively communicated through the use of group work, PowerPoint, moderated discussions and numerous methods. Over the two weeks she became a motivator and a constant when the schedule threatened to overwhelm.
I am pleased to speak on behalf of Annaliese whose considerate, caring nature, deep knowledge of a wide range of skills and wisdoms endeared her to all eighteen members of the group and numerous support staff who considered her a significant catalyst, mentor and friend.

Craig Arnett

Great benefit to attend Permaculture Design Course

Annaliese has a strong connection to the natural world. She has a passion for sustainability, Permaculture and ways to involve the community and bring people together, fostering a deeper sense of connection.

She has a love and knowledge of plants that symbiotically attracted The Happy Herb Company to her, for not only the good of our company, but for the good of the plant kingdom and our planet.

Ray Thorpe
Happy Herb Company

Strong connection to the natural world